10 Souvenirs Every Disney Lover Should Buy

Souvenirs coffee mug

8. Coffee Mugs

Another gift option that comes in many shapes and sizes, there is a Disney mug in existence for almost every movie and character! From delicate tea cups to sturdy mugs that could double as a soup bowls, this is a great (and practical) item to bring home. (For those who work outside your home, I highly recommend having at least one Disney mug at your desk for your morning coffee.) Be warned though, once you start buying them, your kitchen cabinets may mysteriously fill up…

7. Minnie’s Bake Shop Treats

Beloved by many regulars, the goodies from Minnie’s Bake Shop can be found in almost every single gift shop on property. While bringing these home for loved ones will make you insanely popular, don’t forget to save a few for your own lunch! You’ll quickly notice that the Rice Krispie Treats are extremely popular. Personally though, I would recommend the soft and shareable chocolate chips cookies. Surprisingly moist for a packaged cookie, these will satisfy your sweet tooth and bring back all those delectable Main Street U.S.A. memories.

Photo Credit: Disney Food Blog


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