10 Souvenirs Every Disney Lover Should Buy

Ye Olde Christmas Shoppe

2. Christmas Ornaments

Personally, I have never taken a trip to WDW without purchasing at least one hand-crafted ornament. (Many stores sell a variety of ornaments, but the largest selections can be found inside the Christmas store in Disney Springs and the gift shop inside the Magic Kingdom’s Liberty Square.) Easy to pack in a carry-on suitcase, WDW ornaments certainly Disney-fy your tree and will give you the opportunity to reminisce during each trimming.

Photo Credit: Disney

1. Artwork

Another hefty purchase, if you purchase a real piece of Disney artwork, you will have a priceless souvenir that will truly last a lifetime. From landscapes to modern interpretations of characters, there are paintings available for every decorative taste. Specifically, the Marketplace Co-Op within Disney Springs has an extensive art selection that offers a variety of creations. (Some of these pieces are even available in postcard form!) Regardless of your knowledge of art, every Disney fan can appreciate these mini masterpieces.

While there is an overwhelming amount of gift shops, there are still many practical and worthwhile gifts to bring home. I can only hope that these suggestions helped to narrow down and refine your wish list. Happy shopping!

Photo Credit: Disney

By Rebekah


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