10 Rookie Mistakes People Make At Disney's Animal Kingdom Park

Festival Of The Lion King

5. Not Leaving Dinoland

Dinoland U.S.A. is home to two things. First of all, it is home to the thrill attraction, Dinosaur. On the other hand, it is also home to a carnival-style section of the park featuring midway games and boardwalk attractions. Now, this land isappealing to kids and those feeling nostalgic for a classic beach vacation. On the other hand, AK has so many rich thematic areas, it seems silly to spend too much time in this particular land. I’m not encouraging anyone to completely skip it, but parents may want to pull their kids away at some point!

4. Not Seeing the Shows

AK isn’t just bursting with animals, it’s bursting with first-rate entertainment! Birds of all shapes and sizes fly in tandem at the Up! A Great Bird Adventure Show. Performers twirl fire, sing and fly through the air at The Festival of the Lion King. Last but not least, the songwriting duo of Frozenwrote a 40-minute musical for the best show on property, Finding Nemo the Musical. (And there is even more entertainment to be had!) None should be skipped, so grab a times guide and plan the itinerary accordingly.

3. Not Eating at Inventive Restaurants

There are plenty of chicken fingers and pizza to be had, but this park has some of the most delicious food on property! Leave the “safe” meals for another time and treat yourself to some unique cuisine. The quick-service Harambe Market dining area is fashioned after an exotic bazaar. The Signature Dining location, Tiffins, has already won the hearts (or stomachs) of many. Yak and Yeti (and its quick-service counterpart) serve up filling beef, chicken, and rice bowls. And the Tusker House Restaurant is not only one of the best buffets on property, it also features character visits from Mickey and friends! To picky eaters – If this isn’t the perfect time to be daring, then I don’t know what is.


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