10 Reasons Why You’ll Love Visiting Disney Springs

Disney Springs Balloon

1. Characters in Flight Helium Balloon—Westside

How about a ride in the world’s largest hand-painted tethered helium balloon?  At Disney Springs, for a nominal fee, you can do just that.  Board a state-of-the-art balloon basket, which is 19-feet in diameter and holds up to 29 people, and ascend 400 feet into the air.  The spectacular view of Disney Springs and the surrounding area, up to 10 miles, will take your breath away.  Try spotting some notable landmarks, like the “Spaceship Earth” geosphere in Epcot or the triangular shaped Contemporary Resort Hotel.  This is not a thrill ride, but one in which you will get a bird’s eye view of  Disney Springs, and a magical place called Walt Disney World.  Have fun and enjoy your flight!

A visit to Walt Disney World just wouldn’t be complete without a visit to Disney Springs.  There is so much to do here.  I’m talking major shopping, dining, and entertainment.  Just like the theme parks, Disney Springs is always changing, adding new restaurants and shops, living up to the Disney reputation of innovation and family-friendly entertainment.  The magic that is in the name Disney makes Disney Springs a very unique outdoor shopping, dining, and entertainment complex.  Experience it for yourself.  You won’t be disappointed

By Cecilia


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