10 Reasons Why You Need to Experience Dinner at Cape May Café

Cape May Cafe

6.Beautiful Restaurant

The restaurant design is lovely, fitting into the resort theme seamlessly.  Antique beach umbrellas are displayed alongside framed prints of the seashore and vintage bathing suits. The ambiance was great and the restaurant was easy to locate in the lobby of the Beach Club Resort.

7. Quality Desserts

Make sure you save room for dessert, Cape May Café has some really beautiful and delicious options. From traditional, Mickey shaped cakes and cookies to tiny dessert mousses in bite-sized trifle dishes, the dessert buffet did not disappoint. My favorite dessert was a lemon mouse with a light blueberry sauce.  The citrus flavor was the perfect end to a seafood meal, the mousse was light and frothy and the petite serving size was perfect for tasting without committing to a huge dessert plate at the end of an already large meal.

8. Fresh Salad Bar

As is often the case in Disney restaurants, the salad bar was an experience in itself.  With delicious salad mixes and an array of topping and seafood sides like peel and eat shrimp, I made more than one trip to the salad bar during dinner!

Photo Credit: Disney


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