10 Reasons Why You Need to Experience Dinner at Cape May Café

Cape May Cafe

3. Buffet Style

Disney buffets are a great way to achieve value if you have large eaters in your party. My family to skips meals throughout the day and snags a few snacks the day we are dining at a Disney buffet. At between thirty-five and fifty-nine dollars depending on the time of year you visit, this Disney buffet is not cheap, but can be a great value for the food type and quantity. Buffet style meals are great for trying new foods without the risk of paying for a whole plate of food you do not like.  I enjoyed trying steamed clams and mussels for the first time at Cape May Café.

4. Bottomless Crab Legs

That’s right you heard correctly, Cape May Café has bottomless crab legs on the buffet. Paired with melted butter and the delicious sides at this restaurant, these crab legs are a winning combination. When considering the value of this eatery, crab eaters can likely get more than enough food for their money when you consider the cost of a crab dinner at mainstream restaurants.

5. Chowders

Though I am not generally a big soup eater, I sampled both soups at Cape May Café and I am so glad I did.  The clam chowder was particularly delicious with meaty clams in each bite, perfect seasoning and a thick and creamy chowder. For those looking for a non-seafood option, the rich and thick vegetable soup on the buffet was a delicious start to the meal as well.


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