10 Perks to Staying On-Site at Walt Disney World Resort

4. Package Pick-up and Delivery

This is one of my favorite perks available at a Disney Resort Hotel.  When you are at a Disney Park and you find a special souvenir that you can’t walk away from but don’t want to carry it around all day, there is a solution.  As a Disney Resort guest, you can have that souvenir sent to your Hotel Room without any extra charges.  Just give the cashier your information, and usually by the next day your package will be delivered to your Hotel, and you will receive a message on your Hotel phone reminding you to pick it up.  This option is available at every shop in the parks, and Disney Springs.  Also, most Resort Hotels have a package delivery service, where you can have your purchases sent to your home, for a nominal fee.  This is so handy, especially for those guests who have arrived by airplane.  We have used these services several times, and have had no problems with packing or delivery.  I highly recommend taking advantage of this convenient service.


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