10 Once-In-A-Lifetime Experiences You Should Have At Disney World Resort

VIP Tours

6. Booking Disney VIP Tour Services

You can also optimize your overall vacation experience with the option of VIP Tour Services. With many packages in existence, VIP Tour Services cater to your unique, personalized needs by delivering the highest quality of commitment and service. You get to choose your own flexible schedule and start time, and they will be there to pick you and your party up from your resort via private vehicle transport. Then enjoy visiting different parks (even more in one day if you so choose to do so) with the benefit of a knowledgeable escort, who will help you when possible to experience shorter wait times, take in premium viewing spots for fireworks and parades, and much more. In addition to Private VIP Tours, some “Ultimate” packages include the Ultimate Day of Thrills VIP Tour, Ultimate Disney Classics VIP Tour, and Ultimate Nights of Adventure VIP Tour.


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