10 Once-In-A-Lifetime Experiences You Should Have At Disney World Resort

Grand Floridian Resort

9. Staying at Club Level

While it really doesn’t matter which resort or at which level you are staying at during your visit to Walt Disney World, it is true that staying Club Level at a Deluxe Resort really is the way to maximize your overall vacationing experience. While it is much pricier to opt for Club Level, the perks and benefits are entirely worth it. For starters, there’s the Club Level Concierge to help with all advance itinerary plans and preparations, including dining reservations, shows, special tours, and any other experiences you hope to enjoy. Club Level vacationers also get to enjoy exclusive access to private lounges and experience a host of room-included extras and services not available to other resort vacationers. Continental breakfast offered daily is another plus, along with complimentary food samples, available wine and beer selections onsite, as well as deserts and cordials. The chance to utilize Disney Signature Services along with other perks is another great part of staying Club Level. And new for 2018 is the option to purchase three additional FastPasses per day, per person, not limited to just one park (at participating hotels). So in conclusion, a stay at Club Level is a delightful experience that can accentuate a fairytale vacation even more, and while not a frequent recommendation for those on a tight budget, it’s definitely worth pursuing at least once in a lifetime.


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