10 Myths Many People Believe About Walt Disney World


3.  Children need to be older to enjoy the Disney World theme parks

Parents of the world, you’re in for a glorious Disney Vacation surprise!  Walt Disney World is the kid-friendliest theme park in the world.  There is no better place to introduce your youngest child to the “Colorful World of Disney” than Walt Disney World.  First of all, if you need a stroller, no problem.  You can rent one at the parks.  There are Baby Care Centers at all of the theme parks where you can nurse or change your baby, purchase baby food, formula, diapers, etc. There are rockers available for lulling a fussy baby to sleep, toys, swings, and videos for the toddlers.  The Rider-Swap Program allows one parent to ride while the other parent waits with baby, then you switch so the second parent rides without standing in line again.  The cast members will be more than happy to help you with the transfer.  Babies may not be aware of what is going on, but the spirit and magic of Disney will have a lasting affect on their memories.  If you get the opportunity to visit Walt Disney World, and you have really young children, don’t put it off.  You’ll be amazed how well your children adapt to this awesome fun-filled environment, and how easy it is for parents to enjoy all the parks with their little ones.


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