10 Myths Many People Believe About Walt Disney World

Castle Money

1.  Walt Disney World Is Too Expensive

This is the #1 reason a lot of tourists do not give Walt Disney World a chance.  They view the current prices for tickets, Hotel reservations, and travelling expenses and are shocked.  The truth is that with planning and the help of a Disney Travel Agent, you can find rates that are compatible with your personal budget.  Disney offers special packages and discounts all year long, and in some cases, you can take advantage of the Free Dining Plan, which shaves a lot of money off the cost of staying at a Disney Resort.  I would be inaccurate if I proclaimed that anyone can afford Walt Disney World.  It is the Vacation of a Lifetime for many families, who save up all year long for a Disney Dream Come True, and it is absolutely worth the wait.  Set your budget, call a travel agent, and even if you have to save for a couple of years, you will be glad you did. 

Over the years, Walt Disney World has been the subject of hundreds of tales, rumors, and myths.  Some have turned out to be true.  Others are total fabrications, but others are still in the “maybe it’s true” list. 

Whatever the case may be, Disney World is the vacation destination for millions of guests each year, and each person who visits there can decide for themselves what is truth, fiction, or myth.  It doesn’t really matter what you believe.  You will still have the greatest time of your life at the “Most Magical Place On Earth.”

By Cecilia


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