10 Magic Kingdom Touring Tips For Kids With Special Needs


3. Bring your child’s favorite snacks and drinks, and even pack lunch.

Aversions to certain foods because of their appearance, texture or unfamiliarity is very normal for a child with Autism. If you have a child who won’t try new foods, or who tends to be very protective of his or her palette, make sure to bring food and drinks for your child that you know he or she will eat and drink. Especially when it’s hot at the Magic Kingdom, you don’t want your child to spend the day in the park and not eat or drink anything because food at the Magic Kingdom is either unfamiliar or unappealing to him or her. Lucky for you, there are many, many choices of food for meals and snacks in the Magic Kingdom, but just in case nothing tickles your child’s fancy that day, be prepared with your own mobile pantry, if necessary, stocked full of your child’s favorites.


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