10 Magic Kingdom Touring Tips For Kids With Special Needs

People Mover

5. Take time to enjoy the relaxing rides, several times over if necessary.

There are some wonderful attractions at the Magic Kingdom that are very good choices for you and your child with Autism if he or she is beginning to show signs of overstimulation or agitation that may help to calm, soothe and re-center your child so that he or she is able to progress through those feelings and then become comfortable again so that you can continue with your journey through the Magic Kingdom. The Tommorowland Transit Authority PeopleMover usually has a quickly-moving queue and is a very smooth, non-threatening experience that is also fairly quiet and peaceful. It’s also 100% shaded, which is another plus. The Liberty Square Riverboat provides a quiet and peaceful ride, and the queue area isn’t a tight space. The Walt Disney World Railroad offers a peaceful, slow-paced and scenic trip around the Magic Kingdom. It’s really nice because you and your child can board the train and stay aboard for as many trips around the park as you like.


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