10 Magic Kingdom Touring Tips For Kids With Special Needs

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1. Relax and enjoy. You are at the Magic Kingdom!

This is your family’s vacation, so tailor-make it to fit the needs of your child with Autism and the needs of the rest of your family. Everyone who enters the gates of the Magic Kingdom has a different experience with different wonderful memories at different times and in different ways. No two family’s vacations look the same. Remember to relax, enjoy yourself, take some deep breaths along the way, get good rest at night, and stay hydrated so that you can help to provide the best experience possible for your child with Autism. It’s his or her vacation too.

The Magic Kingdom is one of the best places on earth to have a family vacation, especially for a family who has a child with Autism. Cast members are ready, willing and able to help you and your child have a magical experience. If you need something while in the park, just ask. Chances are they have already been asked similar questions by other families with a child with special needs, and they are very accommodating when it comes to guests with disabilities. So get out there and have a great time together!

By Becky


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