10 Magic Kingdom Touring Tips For Kids With Special Needs

Festival of Fantasy Parade

2. Patience is absolutely key, and watch for those cues.

The Magic Kingdom is a fascinating place, unlike any other place on Earth, full of thrills, excitement, magical moments, beloved characters, lots of amazing food, shows, street entertainment and more! And all these things make for an amazing opportunity for wonderful memories. But don’t be so determined to have the “perfect family vacation,” that you forget to factor in reality. Reality is that the Magic Kingdom can be a very crowded place, especially if you are visiting during peak seasons, and reality is also that any vacation can be stressful if you are placing too much pressure on yourself or your family members to have fun with absolutely no glitches along the way. But with an added measure of patience, you can be ready for the glitches if they come (i.e., a lost Magic Band, a lost wallet, etc.) Your patience will prove invaluable for your child with Autism, too, because he or she can most likely sense your stress level.

Remind yourself that as the parent of a child with special needs, you are already a superhero! Taking a vacation with your family is not only well-deserved but will afford you some much needed time together and allow the opportunities for some amazing memories. Be sure to watch for cues from your child about his or her comfort level, and be sure to do what’s best for your child. Sometimes leaving after a few hours and then returning later can be a really good option if you have a child with Autism.


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