10 Iconic Magic Kingdom Park Foods Disney Fans Are Obsessed With

Kid Krispie Treat

10.  Rice Krispies Treats

Rice krispies treats can be found in thousands of retail stores, candy stores, and even homes all over the world, but what is unique about Disney rice krispies treats is, of course, the Disney theme.  Disney rice krispies treats come in all Disney shapes and sizes.  The most popular is the one shaped like the head of Mickey Mouse, but there are so many more to choose from.  During the Holidays you will find these krispy treats in the shape of eggs at Easter, pumpkins for Halloween, drumsticks for Thanksgiving, and Christmas trees at Christmastime, plus so many more.  Some are covered with chocolate and sprinkles, while others are covered in flavorful icing.  There are rice krispie treats on sticks, small and large Mickey Mouse heads, and even an extra large Mickey Mouse head.  Whatever your desire, you will find a uniquely Disney shaped rice krispies treat that is light, fluffy, and a very enjoyable sweet treat.


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