10 Iconic Magic Kingdom Park Foods Disney Fans Are Obsessed With

Caseys Corner

2.  Hot Dogs

You can find this famous all-American sports concession stand favorite in many different locations around the Magic Kingdom, but the #1 place to get the best hot dog in the “World” is Casey’s Corner.  Located at the end of Main Street near the Castle hub, this “Disney World” famous dining establishment has been a part of Walt Disney World since the Resort opened in October, 1971.  It’s theme is that of the famouse poem by Ernest Lawrence Thayer, “Casey at the Bat”, and includes all the elements of a concession stand you would find at a Baseball game at the turn of the century.  But, the best claim to fame of this counter service eatery is the food.  The hot dogs served here are by far the best in the country.

The all beef hot dogs come in a variety of sizes and flavors.  There is the regular hot dog, chili-cheese dog, macaroni and cheese dog (all of which come in foot-long size also, and corn dog nuggest.  You can add french fries or apple slices and a beverage to make it a meal.  Even better, grab your hot dogs, find a place to sit (plenty of seating outside) and watch the parade passing by. 


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