10 Fantastic Disney Facts to Fascinate Your Friends

Haunted Mansion

9. 1000th Happy Haunt

While they may be the most magical places on the planet, the Disney Parks are not immune from the occasional unnatural occurrence. Netflix isn’t the only home of stranger things,  at the Disney Parks, there are attractions steeped in urban legends and lore and no ride is more appropriate for mystery than The Haunted Mansion. The famous phantom manor has been brewed in mystery since it’s doors creaked open in 1969. Stories of how Walt Disney was planning a Museum of the Weird, how he traveled the world to castles and crypts seeking ghosts to fill his new haunted house, and how the horseless hearse carried the bones of Bobby Driscol (the original voice of Peter Pan). These are all false, but there is one legend that does ring true. There is a 1000th ghost. As thanks for a large donation to his local Boys and Girls Club, Cary “Jay” Sharp became the honorary 1000th Happy Haunt. His tombstone can be seen in Disneyland’s Haunted Mansion which reads “Jay- Doctor, Lawyer, Legal Clerk Forever Buried In His Work.” Certainly an honor to have a place in the mansion’s famous graveyard, try to spot it out the next time you venture to New Orleans Square.


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