10 Fantastic Disney Facts to Fascinate Your Friends


2. Alien Origins

Since he crash-landed in Hawaii back in 2002, Stitch has been one of Disney’s most popular characters. The lovable alien has been seen on TV shows, merchandise, and even hanging out in Disney’s Tomorrowland. But during the conception of his story, Stitch was not supposed to be the mischievous, blue, fur ball he is today. Stitch originally began as a character in a children’s story in 1985 by Disney artist, Chris Sanders. In the first draft of the film, Stitch was not an illegal experiment, but a space gangster on the run from intergalactic law enforcement who lands in Kansas and finds refuge on a farmhouse. Eventually, this plot evolved into the Lilo and Stitch we know today. Illustrations of Sanders’s first drawings of Stitch can be seen on the internet and while they are not as cute and cuddly as the Stitch we know and love, there are certain elements of them that have carried over into his current design. From a sketch and a failed children’s story to a Disney icon, Stitch has come a long way. Whether he’s surfing the stars or surfing the waves, he’s found a permanent place in the hearts of Disney fans.


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