10 Expert Disney Tips We’ll Bet You Haven’t Heard

10.  A Kiss Goodnight

If you stay right before the Magic Kingdom closes for the night, you will see what they call the “kiss goodnight.”  The castle lights up with different colors, and while “When You Wish Upon A Star”is playing in the background as the official Disney announcer repeats the words of Walt Disney’s proclamation that “the Magic Kingdom is a world of imagination, hopes, and dreams...”.  After wishing everyone a heartfelt “Thank you and goodnight”, Mickey Mouse chimes in with a “See ya real soon!”  As the music reaches its crescendo, the Castle changes from multi-colors, to bright white to a gradual blanket of blue as the music fades and eventually goes silent; a very moving and memorable Magic Kingdom “goodnight message”.

Every trip we make to Walt Disney World is unique, magical, and memorable.  We have used every one of these tips, plus many more.  Do the research and find out for yourself the many tips and advice from other Disney Fanatics who are true aficionados of Walt Disney World.  For all you first-timers, I strongly advise checking out as many web pages you can on all sorts of topic: prices, weather calendar, crowd calendar, Resort availability, special promotions, maps of the different parks, closings and rehabs, etc.  You can never have too much information about this “most magical place on earth”.

By Cecilia


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