10 Experiences Your Star Wars Fan Will Love In Hollywood Studios

Tatooine Traders

9. Shop for some Epic Souvenirs

While you can find Star Wars merchandise throughout Walt Disney World, the best stores are in Hollywood Studios. You'll find Tatooine Traders at the exit of Star Tours. Tatooine Traders carries a great selection of Star Wars T-shirts, toys, Mickey ears, pins, and more. You can build your own droid action figure or light saber, and take a special Star Wars photo. For the discerning Star Wars fan looking for high-end items, Launch Bay Cargo carries unique merchandise.  Take home a piece of Star Wars history, including autographed memorabilia, life-sized sculptures of your favorite characters, and costumes that even the most particular cosplayer will appreciate. It's definitely worth visiting just to look, even if these souvenirs are a bit out of your budget.

Photo Credit: Disney


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