10 Experiences You Must Have At Walt Disney World's Epcot

10. The Butterfly House

Starting out this list is a seasonal treat to wet our appetites. Epcot’s Butterfly Garden can be seen rolling about during the Flower and Garden Show. What appears to be a mesh tent on the path is actually garden packed with various exotic plants and flowers. Fluttering about the various flora are dozens of magnificent butterflies. The Butterfly Garden holds nearly a dozen different species of little winged wonders. Guests can stroll through the garden and observe the butterflies as they flit, flutter, and fly about the colorful blossoms, creating a biological kaleidoscope. Take care though, the butterflies are curious creatures and will sometimes land on clothing and, in this writer’s experience, glasses. Take your time to appreciate these little beauties and explore the garden, you may even make a friend or two.


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