10 Dos and Don’ts For Disney World Resorts

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We could all us a few tips to make family vacations go smoother. Lucky for you, the folks at Disney Fanatic have some insight into how to build and execute the perfect Walt Disney World vacation with your family.  This article is all about counting down do’s and don’ts for a Walt Disney World vacation.

10. Don’t Wing It

Make any reservations ahead of time to ensure a smoother vacation. From ticket purchase and FastPass+ reservations to dining and resort details, leave nothing up to chance. Booking vacation details prior to leaving home has never been easier.  With the My Disney Experience app available and a super easy to navigate Walt Disney World website with booking options available, you will be so glad you took care of the details before leaving home.

9. Do Your Research

Before you jump in to book your vacation details, take the time to do research.  A few minutes of visiting Disney blogs and scouring the Walt Disney World website may help you realize an obvious resort choice that your child will love, or a dining spot with favorite characters that you cannot miss.

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