10 Dos and Don’ts For Disney World Resorts

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6. Don’t Forget to Pack Snacks

Having a snack stash in your resort room can go a long way to keep little ones happy and cut dining costs.  By not running to a quick service eatery every time someone in your family wants a snack, savings add up quickly.  Even if you choose not to carry snacks into the park, it’s worth having a few breakfast items and snacks in your resort room to munch on.

5. Do Plan Your Dining to Get A Bang for Your Buck

Making Advanced Dining Reservations is a great way to plan dining costs ahead of time. However, with the Disney website as a planning tool, families can project all dining costs head of time to have a better grip on their dining budget. If you are using a Disney Dining Plan on your vacation be sure to read up on the program and study menus before your vacation to ensure you are getting the biggest bang for your buck as you select meals and snacks each day in the parks


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