10 Dos and Don’ts For Disney World Resorts


8. Don’t Over Pack

Lugging heavy bags around is no fun.  While it can be tempting to prepare for every situation and pack an array of fun outfits for your vacation, slow down and consider each outfit you pack.  Choosing separates that can be used in multiple outfits is a great way to utilize packing space. Be realistic about the kind of clothes you will be wearing in the Florida heat and skip the super nice outfits unless you are dining at fancy restaurants during your vacation.  Not sure about outfit needs for dining?  Hit the Walt Disney World website to check the attire guidelines for any Advanced Dining Reservations you have booked.

7. Do Bring Comfy Clothes and Shoes

Perhaps the holy grail of Walt Disney World vacation advice, bring comfy clothes and shoes.  T-shirts, loose shorts and comfortable shoes are must have items on a Disney vacation. Wearing characters shirts and hats are one of my favorite parts of a Disney vacation.


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