10 Definitive Tips for Saving Big on Your Next Walt Disney World Vacation


Disney’s theme parks are some of the biggest and most stimulating you will ever experience, which means a good night’s sleep is much appreciated at the end of each day. However, this doesn't mean you have to spend a small fortune on a place to rest. Try some of these options to save a few bucks on your lodging:

1. Stay Off-Site

Staying on Disney property can be really fun, but if the Disney-owned hotels are way out of your price range, you may want to consider staying off-site. There are plenty of options when it comes to off-site rooms, and many are just as clean and comfortable at a much smaller cost. That said, if you go the off-site route you will want to get a hotel offering some sort of free shuttle service to the parks, if possible. This is because Disney World charges $22 per day for parking, a cost that can add up very quickly. Additionally, make sure the hotel you choose does not charge a resort or parking fee. Many area hotels do, and this is another cost that can add up fast.


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