10 Cart Foods You'll Love At Walt Disney World Resort

Disney Castle

1. Apple Slices with Caramel

If you’re trying to eat a little healthier at Disney World, more power to you.  Disney for their part is offering a lot more healthy food options in all their parks to help you avoid packing on those unwanted vacation pounds.  So, if you want to eat healthy but you still want to indulge yourself a little bit, you can always fall back on apple slices with caramel dipping sauce.  Now, these aren’t to be confused with Caramel Apples, those enormous, sugary indulgences that can be found in places like the Main Street Confectionery and other shops.  And apple slices with caramel keep the calorie count low but provide a satisfying crunch and sweetness without sending you or your children off the rails from sugar overload

Food carts at Disney World allow you to tame your hunger while remaining on the move from one attraction to the next, and with minimal time out of your day.  What is your favorite cart food?

By Don


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