10 Benefits to Visiting Walt Disney World Parks Solo

Mickey Mouse

5. More Meet and Greets

Any Disney fan will tell you that one of the best parts of a Disney trip is getting to meet your favorite characters. No matter what age you are it’s always fun to have your autograph book ready to be filled with as many signatures as you can, or just to hang out and snap a photo. But sometimes multiple parties make the lines a little harder to wait through. Granted, the cast members do a fantastic job of keeping everyone happy, but having a group wait can be stressful and take up a chunk of time. If you are visiting the parks on your own and you love the Meet and Greets, go for it. You could not ask for a more opportune condition. As a single guest, the character encounters transition very smoothly and the Meet and Greets are very personal, adding to the experience. Feel free to have your cameras ready.


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