Attractions You Don’t Need to Waste a FastPass On at the Magic Kingdom

Mickey Mouse At Town Square Theater

8.  Mickey Mouse at Town Square Theatre

Lines at this meet and greet are generally short because many guests don’t know that it exists. We usually check the wait time on this experience on our way into and out of the park. It can often be found only taking about 35 minutes to see 'The Mouse'! We love the Town Theatre location, it's a great way to take a break from the sun and have a great character meet at the same time! Photo credit Disney

9. Tinkerbell at Town Square Theatre

Located in the same location as the Mickey meet and greet, it suffers from the same issue – lines are generally shorter than Mickey at 10-15 minutes. The last time we did the meet and greet, we waiting until near park closing and was able to walk right into the room to meet Tinkerbell!


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