10 Attractions You Don’t Need to Waste a FastPass On at the Magic Kingdom

Monsters Inc Laugh Floor

6. Monster’s Inc. Laugh Floor

Similar to Mickey’s Philharmagic, this attraction in Tomorrowland has a huge theatre with shows running constantly all day, so a FastPass doesn’t cut much time off of your wait time. Whenever we do the attraction, we have never waited longer than 15 minutes to get in for a show. We love the attraction, but still haven’t been selected to be “that guy!”

7.Tomorrowland Speedway

We have seen lines approach 30 minutes at Tomorrowland Speedway, but we generally pass on getting a FastPass for the attraction because we have been able to get in with a shorter wait later in the day. If you do use a FastPass for this attraction, we would recommend that this be an attraction you get a FastPass for after using your initial three. Compared with the other attractions not on this list, the Tomorrowland Speedway shouldn’t be a high priority.


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