Attractions You Don’t Need to Waste a FastPass On at the Magic Kingdom

4.  Mad Tea Party

Also located in Fantasyland, the Mad Tea Party’s wait time rarely exceeds 20 minutes. Much like “it’s a small world,” if the line is excessive when you pass by, give it some time and go back later in the day. We don’t always do this attraction when we visit, but it is a classic and if you decide to ride, take a spin in a purple tea cup – they spin just a little bit faster!

5. Dumbo The Flying Elephant

Our recommendation to not waste a FastPass on Dumbo is not based on the length of the line (wait times can be between 30-40 minutes). We like passing on the FastPass for this attraction because of the air-conditioned circus tent that guests wait in while waiting for their turn on the ride. Parents can take a load off and rest their feet and get out of the sun, while the kids will enjoy exploring the playground inside the tent. Cast Members will give you a pager when you enter the tent and it will alert you to when it is your turn to ride – what is not to like about this line?


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