Attractions You Don’t Need to Waste a FastPass On at the Magic Kingdom

Mickey's Philharmagic

2.  Mickey’s Philharmagic

Located in Fantasyland, this attraction takes guests into a 4-D experience in a giant movie theatre. The line consistently moves as the show room can accommodate a lot of people. The show itself is about 10 minutes long, so if you miss a show, you will only have to wait a small amount of time. Don’t skip out on this attraction – we love the show, music, and the ability to get off our feet for a little bit in the middle of our day at the Magic Kingdom.

3. “it’s a small world”

This attraction can become crowded at certain times of the day (usually early morning and during rain showers), but if you just circle back to the attraction, chances are the line will die down and you’ll be able to board a boat with a minimal 10-15 minute wait. We recommend riding towards the end of the day because Cast Members can allow you to enjoy a second ride if the line isn’t substantial.


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