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10 Tips And Tricks For Disney World’s Animal Kingdom Park

Animal Kingdom Montage

On the brink of completing a massive expansion, the myth of this park not being a full day experience can finally be put to rest. Animal Kingdom has so much to offer regardless of your age. Veteran Disney guests as well as rookies should take full advantage of what the park has to offer. Unfortunately, most guests get caught up ...

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How to Do Disney’s Animal Kingdom in 1 Day

Africa in Disney's Animal Kingdom's

Disney’s Animal Kingdom opened in 1998, the fourth of Disney World’s four theme parks. Walt Disney had always wanted to do something with live animals, but obvious problems existed. The Jungle Cruise attraction, along with The Enchanted Tiki Room was as close as Walt was able to get in his lifetime. After Walt’s death in 1966, this idea was put ...

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The Top 15 Experiences You Should Have At Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Animal Kingdom

When it comes to variety in the Walt Disney parks, there is really nothing like the Animal Kingdom—and it’s all thanks to nature’s own inherent variety. Here are fifteen experiences that you must seek out in Disney’s ever-amazing Animal Kingdom to be both educated and thrilled! 15) Meet Tarzan. Since Tarzan’s wonderful show was replaced by Finding Nemo: The Musical, ...

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10 Attractions You Should FastPass At Magic Kingdom

7 Dwarfs Mine Train

If used correctly, Disney’s FastPass system can be a lifesaver on a busy day at the Magic Kingdom, (especially if you’re short on time, or have small children in tow.) If you take just a few minutes to sit down and plan out your FastPass strategy before you arrive on property, you could save yourself hours of waiting in lines. ...

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The Ultimate Walt Disney World Animal Kingdom Checklist – 20 Things You Must Do

Tree of Life

Animal Kingdom has a reputation for being a “half-day” park, but there are plenty of things worth doing in the park that many guests skip. Here is our list of 20 things, in no particular order, that you must do to enjoy a full day at Animal Kingdom. A bonus tip: Slow down! This is not a park to be ...

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How to Do Disney in 4 Days

With so much to do at Walt Disney World, you could stay there a month and still not experience everything the resort has to offer. However, you can experience quite a lot in a 4-day trip. By booking shorter vacations you not only create a more affordable vacation package, but you have more flexibility as to when you can go ...

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