The Parks

Magic Kingdom 101 – An Overview of WDW’s Most Popular Park

Magic Kingdom

Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World is the world’s most popular theme park. Here is a quick tutorial of basic information to get you acquainted with the place where dreams come true… 9. Transportation – Because of its location on the far side of Seven Seas Lagoon, there is absolutely no way to just walk right into the Magic Kingdom. ...

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Top 10 Epcot Tips for Rookies At Walt Disney World


Never been to the Experimental Prototype Community Of Tomorrow (a.k.a. EPCOT)? Here are 10 tips to get the most out of your maiden visit… 10. Adjust your Perspective I’ve heard from several first-timers that they were disappointed by EPCOT after going to the Magic Kingdom. Gasp! This hurts my ears! But really it’s a fact worth noting for rookies: EPCOT ...

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Top 10 Things We Love about Walt Disney World Resorts

Resort Pool

The Disney “magic” doesn’t begin and end with the theme parks, no, it is available in abundance at each and every Walt Disney World Resort. From the Deluxe to the Value, from the lobby to the room itself, you will come face to face with the very essence of what Disney embodies, setting these Resorts apart from non-Disney resorts who ...

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10 Most Beautiful Sights in Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom


The Magic Kingdom is perhaps the most beautiful man-made place on earth. (Granted, I am a Disney Fanatic, so I’m a little biased.) Sadly, sometimes its splendor gets lost in the rush of rides and the heat of crowds. Journey with me to these places in your mind’s eye and remember the wonder of views there. And if you’ve never ...

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The Ultimate Walt Disney World Animal Kingdom Checklist – 20 Things You Must Do

Tree of Life

Animal Kingdom has a reputation for being a “half-day” park, but there are plenty of things worth doing in the park that many guests skip. Here is our list of 20 things, in no particular order, that you must do to enjoy a full day at Animal Kingdom. A bonus tip: Slow down! This is not a park to be ...

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How To Do Walt Disney World In 5 Days

Castle Dumbo

Most of us, when confronted with the ever-so-stressful problem of planning a Disney trip, might balk at the idea of a shorter vacation. After all, there’s an awful lot to do! However, not all of our budgets allow for us to make our trips as long as we would like. Don’t panic if this is you–and don’t try to power-walk ...

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